Pong Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University

There’s no place like ANGKRIZ!


I love English because of you P’LG. And I love you Angkriz!

Pim Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Thammasat University

Angkriz is a place which is full of feelings for me. I decided to study here because of my best friend. At the beginning, I expected just knowledge but what I’ve got so far is more than that. I feel like this place is my family, even if it is not a long time that I have known it. I just wanna say thank you to everyone who gave me such a wonderful feeling. Love you more than 3000!

Pear Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University

I would like to thank myself for choosing to learn here. And I want to thank P’Loukgolf for showing me that English is not that hard and you should not be ashamed of your English skills, but be brave about showing them and using them.

Pai Faculty of Psychology, Chulalongkorn University

Just sit, relax and open your heart to English, P’Loukgolf, and your nearby friends. Be cool and embrace all the happiness you’ll never get anywhere else, only at ANGKRIZ.

Knot Faculty of Medicine, Srinakharinwirot University

Angkriz is not just an academy to study at, like the others. It’s also the people of Angkriz that make this place unique. From my experience of learning here, what I got here is not just knowledge and success but also friendship. I totally recommend that everyone should be part of this place.

KI Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University

This place is like home. It’s full of warmth and friendship. I’m glad I chose Angkriz.

Janie faculty of engineering sirindhorn international institute of technology

Learning at Angkriz is never boring. Even though I learnt via PC, I could feel that P’LG truly loves and cares for his students. I’m so glad to have met you and become one of your students. You make English so much fun and you make me realise that English is all around us. At first, I only expected to gain knowledge from you, but I ended up gaining so much more. I love you and Angkriz so much.

JAM Faculty of Veterinary Science

This academy is different from others, especially the teacher, P’Loukgolf. He is a really great teacher and someone that I look up to. I like his attitude and how he interacts with students. He’s so friendly that I want to study with him every day. He’s a guy who makes everyone around him feel happy and positive. Furthermore, his way of teaching is truly unique. He teaches us the exact use of English, not only grammar, but also speaking, listening and writing. This is the lesson I have dreamt of studying and being part of. I feel very lucky that I chose this academy and met P’Loukgolf. Thank you so much for teaching me academic and life lessons. Love you!

BOSS Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University

First of all, I didn’t know about P’Loukgolf. Then one day, I found his video on YouTube. The clip was about the GAT examination. I thought this person is so good. So I started to find his profile. I knew he had an academic school named Angkriz. I started with the Runway course and The Finale. I learned that Angkriz didn’t just teach me English, it taught me how to be a good listener and how to be a better person.

Mudmee Faculty of Social Sciences (LAW), Kasetsart University

Angkriz is my second house, where I can gain knowledge and friendship. Everyone is so friendly. P’LG always tells all his students to “make yourself at home”. Every time I come back to Angkriz, I feel like it is my real home. Thank you for everything, especially the knowledge and love from this warm house.

Thalay Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts, Assumption University

Angkriz is the place where you can improve speaking and listening skills a lot. Angkriz taught us how to survive in the real world, in terms of communication in English. And, of course, you will meet a lot of friends here!!

“Join Angkriz and be our new family!!”

Cue Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University

For me, studying at Angkriz made me feel as though it was always my very first day coming to this school. Every time I came here, I couldn’t be more excited and looked forward to all the fun and laughter that P’LG would bring to the class. He also made English much more intelligible and relatable, as well as practical. I enjoyed learning English through various methods, like watching movies, listening to music and even reading short English quotes that hid between chapters in the books. Everything I’ve learned from the class was every bit invaluable. Plus, at Angkriz, I made friends for life! I felt at home here and couldn’t be more grateful for having such a great teacher and such genial friends to study English with. I mean, what else could I ask for?

KlorClear Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University

Angkriz is not just a school but a family. You teach me English and also friendship. Thanks for everything you gave to me. ‘Your greatness is not only what you have but also what you give.

Smart Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University

Angkriz is always more than home , where I can feel comfortable, warm, happy and so on. P’LG made me open my mind about English more and more, which made me want to learn English a lot and improve my skills, as well as giving me confidence that I can use all the time. This place, in my mind, is one of the best places, and I got good memories here, and good friends in my life. I love Angkriz and P’LG so much. Thanks a lot.

Pro Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University

At first, when I came to Angkirz, I went alone, but I did not feel lonely because of P’LG. P’LG tried to talk to me and made me have fun , and it made me feel good. So this is why I appreciate Angkriz.

Book Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Thammasat University

Angkriz gave me more than I expected. In class, I can enjoy studying and gain practical English knowledge at the same time. All students are close to each other because of the friendly surroundings. Every time, coming back to Angkriz, I always feel comfortable and warm.

Green Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University

Angkriz is more than just an English academy, it’s my family. I used to hate English, but here I have fun and enjoy it. Angkriz encourages  me to explore and discover the world through English, like  it unlocks me and pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Klong Faculty of Humanities, Srinakharinwirot University

For me, Angkriz is more than an academy. It’s like a HOME  where we live, learn, and share everything with each other. At Angkriz, I found more than knowledge; I found friends, happiness and the important thing; a passion for learning and using English.

Tul BBA, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Stamford International University

Angkriz is a place where, no matter how little English you’ve learned, or no matter how much bias you have against English, if you take just one course, or even a few sessions at Angkriz, all of those will be gone. Angkriz encourages everyone to use English, and learn it in such a healthy environment. Angkriz also helps you unlock the will to learn, so learning won’t be just in class anymore. The courses you attend will eventually end, but self-led learning is endless.

Peem Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University

Angkriz is not just a tutorial school. It offers enhanced essential skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. At Angkriz, I made a lot of friends and enjoyed being part of this cosy community. I also got plenty of great advice from P’Loukgolf.

Queen Faculty of Psychology, Chulalongkorn University

From my perspective, Angkriz is more than an English tutorial school. P’Loukgolf has been inspiring me to keep on learning English. More than the good scores, there’s also the love and care that I have gotten from Angkriz. I feel like I’m home every time I return there.

Golf Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University

I was not good at English before I met P’LG. He has given me a very precious thing. It’s called ‘courage’; courage to break out of my comfort zone. At first, I thought Angkriz was just an ordinary tutorial school. But it wasn’t. Angkriz is a place where you can always feel love and empathy. I am so proud to be one of Angkriz’s students and I’m very thankful for all the love I’ve got from here… my home.

Aut Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University

At Angkriz, the more you live, the more you love. And when you love, you learn much better. That is because, at this place, knowledge and happiness come together every single minute. In short, Angkriz is the best.


In three years at Angkriz, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge but more than that is the love and care from all the Angkriz staff. I’ve never felt disappointed in choosing Angkriz. P’LG makes me feel more confident in using English. I’ve improved a lot since I met P’LG. Thank you for all the knowledge and your encouragement! Love you!


Angkriz English Academy is the place where… the quality of my life is enriched, my understanding of English is enlightened, and my educational experience is enlivened.


I feel like, to me, Angkriz is a nursery. Everyone has fun and gains knowledge at the same time. Every year, many parents send their children into this nursery, hoping their kids might grow. And yes, they are right! We have grown. Not only does this place let us grow but it also shows us how to grow, how to learn English in the best way, how to be connected with others, and most importantly… how to make an ordinary place become extraordinary and warm with our love. Thank you Angkriz for helping me grow.


Angkriz is not just a tutorial school,

it’s family!

I realized that my English improvement has increased so much.

I have not regretted being an Angkriz student.